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By using one of my themes, you agree to:
  • Always keeping the credit intact.
  • Never using my themes as your basecode for your own public themes.
  • Not claiming the theme as your own.
  • Don't use my themes as inspiration for yours.
Do not steal any part of my themes, please..
And yes, I will report you if I find out you did.


All these FREE themes are perfect for any kind of blogstyle. The colors and theme are very customizable.

The url for this themeblog is 'elegant-dreamer' but I use a domain what makes the url 'elegantdesigns'. =)

Creative Commons-Licentie
These themes made by Elegant Designs
are licensed under a Creative Commons 3.0.
  1. Choose the theme you want
  2. Hover over the image
  3. Hover with your mouse over 'code below' 
  4. There will show up a code from the bottom
  5. Press CTRL A (select all) and then press CTRL C
    (copy code)
  6. Go to http://tumblr.com/customize
  7. Click 'edit html'
  8. Press CTRL A (select all) and then press CTRL V
    (paste code)
  9. Click 'Update preview' then 'Save'
  10. Now you have the theme you selected on your own blog :)
  11. Refresh the page and you can change the colors and add links to your own preference
Theme #Pink
Live preview 

Code below

Theme #Pink


Live preview 

Code below

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